Where can I benefit from discounted green fees as a GSM Member?

GSM Golf Members have the ability to play at all GSM operated venues at discounted green fees. This includes Bay Views, Morack, Peregian, Ranfurlie and St Andrews Beach (Ts and Cs apply).

CLICK HERE for current GSM Golf Member rates at all of the above courses.

As a current GSM Member, how do I book a round?

Booking at GSM Golf Courses

Upon joining, all GSM Golf Club Members receive their own special login access to the GSM Golf Club Portal, which hosts a unique Booking Portal. This Portal can facilitate direct bookings to all GSM Golf Courses at special member rates.

Click here to learn more about the GSM Portal 

What is Player's Personal Liability Insurance?

As part of your GSM Golf Club membership, members automatically receive Personal Liability Insurance.  Personal Liability insurance covers the legal liability of a player to pay compensation for personal injury or property damage which occurs whilst playing or practising golf or attending a golf event or venue as a player, guest or spectator. 

Personal Liability for arising from the use of a golf buggy whilst playing or practising golf or attending a golf event or venue as a player, guest or spectator is included.


What is the limit of coverage and excess applicable to this insurance policy?

The policy provides $20,000,000 liability coverage. There is no excess applicable.


Is additional coverage available?
Sportscover may provide additional insurance coverage for individuals or groups including personal accident insurance and golf equipment cover. For further information contact Sportscover on 1300 39 79 39 or email
Is the handicap provided by GSM Golf Club official?
Yes. GSM Golf Club provides an official Golf Australia handicap which is recognised Australia wide. You are issued with a Golflink number and Golflink card enabling you to check your handicap online at any time via the GolfLink website at

Note: All competitions and playing rights are at the discretion of the Host Club (ie. The course at which you are playing). Each Host Club may enforce a range of regulations in relation to accepting visitors to enter competition rounds. Please contact the Host Club in advance of your booking to enquire whether you are entitles to enter the Club competition.

How do I obtain an initial handicap?
After you have submitted your online application form, you must submit three scorecards signed by your playing partner to any GSM Pro Shop. You will then be allocated a handicap and receive correspondence from GSM providing your new handicap information.
Where do I send my scorecards?
If possible, scorecards can be scanned and emailed to If a scanner is unavailable, cards may also be posted to:

GSM Membership

PO Box 93, Rosebud VIC 3939

How is my initial handicap calculated?
Your three scorecards for an initial handicap are used to generate a Stableford score (off a temporary daily handicap of 36) which is then submitted to GolfLink. An automatic calculation with then occur roughly multiplying the card with the lowest differential by 0.93 to calculate an new Golf Australia handicap.
How do I maintain a handicap?
The best way to maintain an official handicap is to play in competition rounds. This ensures your handicap is calculated against other scores submitted under the same or similar playing conditions off the same set of tees. All GSM Golf venues conduct midweek and weekend competition rounds upon payment of the applicable green fee (often discounted rates apply for GSM Golf Club members) and a small competition fee. 
Can Conforming Social Score (CSS) rounds be submitted for handicapping?
The Golf Australia Handicap System provides the option for Clubs to accept Conforming Social Scores for handicapping purposes. As such, GSM Golf Members are permitted to submit Conforming Social Scores, as long as they adhere to the following criteria:

• The player must have nominated prior to starting a round that it is to count for handicap purposes (submitted via email to
• The scoring format must be Stableford
• The player must have a Marker throughout their round
• The player must abide by the Rules of Golf

Upon finishing his or her round, a player must submit the signed and marked scorecard via email to 

What is the Slope and Scratch Rating?
A Scratch Rating is the evaluation of the normal playing difficulty of a course for a player with a handicap of zero. A Slope Rating is the designation that indicates the relative playing difficulty of a course for players who are not scratch golfers (ie. Golfers who have a GA handicap of zero) relative to the Scratch Rating of a Course. A golf course with a neutral playing difficulty has a Slope Rating of 113.  The maximum Slope Rating is 155. This minimum Slope Rating is 55.