The results are in! GSM Golf are pleased to have once again secured a number of prominent positions in Golf Australia’s biennial ranking of the Top-100 Public Access Courses in the nation.

Each course represented in the list saw a notable increase in ranking this year. Fantastic recognition of GSM’s commitment to a continually evolving approach to course management; and a perpetual strive to refine what it takes to deliver a premium golf experience in 2021.

Most notably, St Andrews Beach Golf Course’s ranking increased to No. 4 best overall which, ergo, branded it the No. 1 Best Public Access course on Australia’s mainland! A stunning achievement which, approaching GSM’s 10th year managing the course, underlines the timelessness of Tom Doak’s masterpiece.

Curiously, despite being a private course, Ranfurlie Golf Club also featured in the Top 100 in position No. 37. We’re a little confused as to how exactly it made the cut given the private club does not facilitate walk-up players without membership; however we were pleased it too increased its position and noted it was not the only private course which found its way on to the list.

Growling Frog Golf Course’s ranking surged by an incredible 17 places this year, landing it at position No. 78. A true testament to how far the course has come under the esteemed management of Golf Services Management. Through implementation of streamlined processes and with absolutely zero compromises afforded to preserving the quintessentially Australian landscape the course is set in; ‘The Frog’ has further strengthened its position as a must visit destination for all golfers.

We are disappointed that Peregian and Bay Views did not feature in the Top 100 this year, however we have it on good authority that they are knocking on the door in 2022!

Continue reading below to view comments made by the judging panel. Click here to view the full Top 100 list. 

St Andrews Beach Golf Course

Address: 209 Sandy Rd, Fingal VIC 3941
Phone: (03) 5988 6000

Judge’s Comments: “I can just imagine how excited Tom Doak would have been when he first laid eyes on this wonderful ‘Cups Region’ landscape. The hardest decision would have been ‘where do I start’? Whatever the decision, the resulting course is brilliant. He provides plenty of room from the tees and every approach shot into a green is accompanied by a question. Brilliant.” – James Walsh.

“St Andrews Beach is the thinking golfer’s piece of chocolate cake … there’s plenty of satisfaction and joy in the eating and when it’s all gone, like putting out on the 18th, you desperately want to indulge in some more.” – Brendan James.

Ranfurlie Golf Club

Address: 825 Cranbourne-Frankston Rd, Cranbourne VIC 3977
Phone: (03) 9788 8270

Judge’s Comment: “It is only in the past few years that I have come to appreciate the quality of Mike Clayton’s design at Ranfurlie. It is not remarkable land, but the routing makes the most of it. There is a myriad of ways to get your ball around this course, which is testament to the design.” – James Walsh.

Growling Frog Golf Course

Address: 1910 Donnybrook Rd, Yan Yean VIC 3755
Phone: (03) 9716 3477

Judge’s Comment: “It certainly doesn’t surprise me this Graham Marsh-designed layout has risen in this ranking, which I attribute to a significant improvement in its conditioning right across the property. Even the bunker presentation has improved in recent times.” – John Blackwell.